Laboratory Ice Nucleation Chamber

Laboratory Ice Nucleation Chamber (LINC) is designed to study the ice nucleation properties of insoluble aerosols in supercooled aqueous solution droplets.

The LINC includes

  1. MSP-1 Stereoscopic Microscope and PRAKTICA LM 10-XS Digital Camera
  2. FROSTOR 200C Freezer (R134a)
  3. Peltier Element
  4. VELLEMAN PS3005D Power Supply (0-40 V)
  5. Digital Webcam (20x-200x)
  6. Digital Vision System
  7. Experimental Results Processing System

Laboratory Experiments

Area of aerosol surface (SS) is measured with a digital microscope MSP-1 and the cooling rate (dT/dt) is controlled by the control system. The fraction of the frozen droplets (P) is determined by a computer vision system.

Fig.: Temperture dependence for Kaolin (a) and Quartz (b) aerosols

Publication List

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