Pytroll Workshop 2017 in St.Petersburg

Pytroll Seminar 2017 will be held in St. Petersburg on 27 March - 2 April 2017 at Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU). The aim of the seminar is to exchange experiences between the Pytroll developers and students / graduate students who are interested in the processing of satellite data for the purpose of obtaining weather information. Anyone with skills in Linux and satellite data processing are invited to take part. Each participant should have a laptop at the workshop.

Dates27 March - 2 April 2017
RegistrationThere is no registration fee
VenueRSHU, Malokhtinsky ave. 98, 195196 Saint-Petersburg, Russia [map]
Accommodation 1. Nautilus Inn (50-70 EUR/night), Rizhskaya Ulitsa 3, 195196 Saint-Petersburg, Russia [map]
2. Akademiya Hotel (40-45 EUR/night), Zanevskiy Prospekt 1/82, 195196 Saint-Petersburg, Russia [map]
3. Ladoga Hotel (50-60 EUR/night), Pospekt Shaumyana 26, 195213 Saint Petersburg, Russia [map]
Transport Metro Public Taxi Transfer from Pulkovo airport to the city ("Moskovskaya" metro station)
Visa If you need the invitation letter for visa, please write to Head of International Projects Department, Dr. Ernest Estrin ( with copy to Dr. Vladimir Chukin ( the following information:
1. Title
2. First name
3. Last name
4. Organization
5. Position
6. Email
7. Post address
8. Scan of your passport (one page with photo and main data)
The invitation will be sent by ordinary post (very log time) and/or by email.
Mobile Applications[Visit Petersburg] [MapsWithMe] [Taxovichkof]

List of Participants

  1. Katja Hungershoefer (DWD)
  2. Adam Dybbroe (SMHI)
  3. Martin Raspaud (SMHI)
  4. Andrew Brooks (UD)
  5. Marco Fabio Sassi (MeteoSwiss)
  6. Ulrich Jochen Martin Helmut Hamann (MeteoSwiss)
  7. Thomas Leppelt (DWD)
  8. Bjorn Muller (Fraunhofer ISE)
  9. Matias Takala (FMI)
  10. Aleksei Vastsenko (EEA)
  11. Roberto Colucci (Tecnavia SA)
  12. Vincenzo Giuffrida (Tecnavia SA)
  13. Sauli Joro (EUMETSAT)
  14. Dmitrii Girichev (SRC Planeta)
  15. Alisia Sadykova (RSHU)
  16. Aleksandra Chukina (RSHU)
  17. Tong Tam Nguyen (RSHU)
  18. Timofei Lipatov (RSHU)
  19. Yaroslav Kachnov (RSHU)
  20. Olga Vorobyeva (RSHU)
  21. Anton Zharuk (RSHU)
  22. Olga Lazareva (RSHU)
  23. Vladimir Chukin (RSHU)
  24. Anatolii Kalashnik (Mining Institute of RAS)
  25. Nadezhda Kalashnik (Mining Institute of RAS)
  26. Alexander Myasoedov (RSHU)
  27. Sergey Azarov (RSHU)
  28. Ekaterina Balashova (RSHU)
  29. Iurii Blokhin (RSHU)
  30. Alexander Grenishin (RSHU)

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