Tong Tam Nguyen

In 2003 he graduated from the school Bakdongkuan of Thaybin province (Vietnam), and joined the People's Army of Vietnam in terms of air defense. In 2004 he enrolled in the Hanoi Polytechnic University to the engineer. In 2005 he began to study the Russian language at the Hanoi University of Foreign Languages ​​and in the same year he entered the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU). In 2010, T.T. Nguyen received a Bachelor's degree, and in 2012 - Master of Science in meteorology. Since 2012, he is a PhD student of RSHU.

Field of Interests

  1. Development of new methods of remote sensing of the atmosphere
  2. Software engineering and processing of measured data
  3. Administration of the Linux operating system
  4. Creation and management of databases
  5. Analysis of climate data
  6. Numerical simulations of radiative properties of clouds
  7. Development of parameterizations of radiative properties of warm and mixed clouds

Main Achievements

  1. The third place in the 12th Russian Student Olympiad on Russian as a Foreign Language (Moscow, 2011)
  2. Certificate #2012610105 on the computer software "Numerical Fractal Model of Dielectric Properties of Ice Crystals" in collaboration with Vladimir V. Chukin (Moscow, 2012)
  3. The winner of the second degree in the 14th Russian Pushkin Youth Art Festival "On a Par with the Century" (Moscow, 2012)

Research Projects

  1. Development of a Method for Obtaining Information about Water Vapour Content in the Atmosphere by Registration of the GLONASS Signals (2009-2011)
  2. Numerical Simulation of the Depolarization of Radio Waves by Ice Crystals of Various Shapes (2010-2012)

Participation in Conferences

  1. 7th Russian Open Conference "Modern Problems of Remote Sensing of the Earth from the Space" (Moscow, Russia, 2009)
  2. The Final Session of the Scientific Council of RSHU (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2010)
  3. Social and Economic Areas of Russian Regions" (Murom, Russia, 2010)
  4. 2nd Russian Student Scientific E-Conference "Student Science Forum" (Moscow, Russia, 2010)
  5. International Conference "Modern High Technologies" (Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, 2010)
  6. Russian Scientific Conference "Actual Problems of Modern Science and Education" (Sibay, Russia, 2010)
  7. 12th Conference of Young Scientists "Navigation and Motion Control" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2010)
  8. Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Student and Science - 2010" (Magnitogorsk, Russia, 2010)
  9. 16th International Scientific and Technical Conference "Radar. Navigation. Communications" (Voronezh, Russia, 2010)
  10. 9th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Research, Development and Application of High Technology in the Industry" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2010)
  11. Meeting of the Permanent Seminar on "Remote Sensing Methods of the Natural Environment" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2010)
  12. 4th International Forum on Satellite Navigation (Moscow, Russia, 2010)
  13. Russian Scientific Radiophysics Conference in Memory of N.A. Armand (Murom, Russia, 2010)
  14. St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2010)
  15. 8th Russian Open Conference "Modern Problems of Remote Sensing of the Earth from the Space" (Moscow, Russia, 2010)
  16. Meeting of the Student Scientific Society of RSHU (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2011)
  17. International Conference "Innovate Decisions of Modern Problems in Fundamental Physics of the Atmosphere and its Applicatons" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2011)
  18. Russian Conference with International Participation "Physics of the Environment" (Tomsk, Russia, 2011)
  19. International Scientific and Practical Conference "Global Scientific Resources" (Tambov, Russia, 2011)
  20. International Scientific Conference "Priorities for Science, Technology and Engineering" (Hurghada, Egypt, 2011)
  21. 15th Scientific Conference of Students-Radiophysicists (Petrodvorets, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2011)
  22. The Final Session of the Scientific Council of RSHU (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2012)
  23. 16th International School-Conference for Young Scientists "The Composition of the Atmosphere. Atmospheric Electricity. Climatic Processes" (Zvenigorod, Russia, 2012)
  24. 8th International Conference "Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2012)
  25. 10th Russian Open Conference "Modern Problems of Remote Sensing of the Earth from the Space" (Moscow, Russia, 2012)
  26. Final Session of the Scientific Council of RSHU (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2013)
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