Anton V. Vahnin

Field of Interests

  1. Development of new methods of remote sensing of the atmosphere
  2. Development of algorithms and software for position determination of GLONASS/GPS satellites
  3. Gridded data processing of numerical weather prediction model output
  4. Theoretical physics
  5. Software engineering and software development
  6. Technologies and formats for storing, transfer and presentation of data
  7. Development of embedded systems and development for Android
  8. Programming on Java, C++, Shell, Groovy, Python, JavaScript, Prolog, Haskell, Assambler for ARM and Intel 80x86 architecture, multi-languages interaction
  9. 3D-modelling

Research Projects

  1. Development of a Method for Obtaining Information about Water Vapour Content in the Atmosphere by Registration of the GLONASS Signals (2009-2011)
  2. Development of Algorithm and Software Implementation of Verification Procedures of Numerical Weather Prediction Model Output with Assimilated GNSS Data (2011)
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