12.01.2019 01:51

On December 5, 2018, the three-month acceleration program of the Center for Entrepreneurship Development of Sankt-Petersburg was completed, organized by the Committee for the Development of the Presale and Consumer Market of the Government of St. Petersburg. We thank the organizers for the excellent training and perfect mentors.

29.07.2018 16:39

July 27, 2018 in the conference hall of the Saint Petersburg Technopark a meeting with a delegation representing UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science was held. Within the framework of the meeting, a scientific seminar was held, at which the main directions of scientific research of the Meteotechnology Laboratory were presented. The reports were presented by: Vladimir V. Chukin, Aleksandra M. Chukina, Alisia F. Sadykova, Ekaterina M. Lystsova, and also by the Associate Professor of RSHU Aaed Mkhanna. You can find the seminar program and presentations here. Information on UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science was presented by the director Alya Saeed Al Mazroui. Participants noted excellent and comfortable conditions of the event.

17.11.2014 16:36
According to the results of 12th Russian Open Conference on Modern Problems of Remote Sensing of the Earth from Space (10-14 November 2014, Moscow) a team of young scientists of Laboratory of Meteotehnology (graduate student Nguyen Tong Tam, graduate student Vladimir Nikulin, student Alisya Sadykova, student Alexandra Chukina) awarded the scholarship of the Institute of Space Research in the direction of "Diagnosis of ice nuclei in the clouds according to the instrument SEVIRI".

29.06.2014 16:54
Graduate students Nguyen Tong Tam and Vladimir Nikulin participated in the expedition of the Institute of Applied Geophysics in Elbrus Region in the period from 16 to 25 June 2014. The experiments for the registration of GNSS signals and radio emission of lightning discharges in the VLF were performed in the area of Kislovodsk. Details are in a photo report.

12.06.2014 02:25
Graduate student Vladimir Nikulin took part in the Seminar on Instability and Nucleation in the Water (WATER-2014), held in Les Houches, France from 1 to 6 June 2014. Details are in a photo report.

03.04.2014 11:42
On 28 March 2014, in the Russian Geographical Society held a meeting of Meteorological Commission. Scientific reports was presented by Vladimir Chukin, Vladimir Nikulin and Ulugbek Shermuhamedov.

On the video: Graduate student Ulugbek Shermuhamedov

16.07.2013 01:15
Russian Academy of Sciences is needed of your help. Read and Sign the open letter to Mr. President of Russia.

11.07.2013 17:31
Proceedings of the Conference "Modern artificial intelligence systems and their applications in science" (held 25 June 2013 in Kazan) has published.

11.07.2013 14:51
From 4 to 6 June 2013 the laboratory staff V.N. Nikulin and U.A. Shermuhamedov attended the Conference of Young Specialists on Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring in Obninsk, Russia. Details are in a presentation.

11.07.2013 14:43
Completed works on creation of a air duct system for purposes of analysis of aerosols. System control software is created by engineer Maxim V. Sapunov.

In the photo: master student U.A.Shermuhamedov, PhD student V.N.Nikulin

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English version of the site has been started on 05 December 2012.